Seedling 奇楠苗

As i have explained earlier …

If planting agarwood trees is for the purpose of fulfilling forestation, then, please proceed with any species without hesitation.

If planting agarwood trees is for the purpose of making dollars, then, i suggest you this potential species to maximize your profit, ie  ” Kynam or Kinam or Qinan “. Don’t get on the wrong car in wrong direction, which leads you crying without tears.

Kynam seedlings (奇楠苗) are now available for sale. These seedlings are ONLY grown by grafting andNOT by seeds. Kynam grafting can produce kynam agarwood relatively fast, confirming the feasibility of scientific planting of kynam. In 2017, i was told about kynam species, i replied with bullshit… i have to retrieve my words dumbly years later. Behind the high income, you must bear high capital investment. Some people are still holding a wait-and-see attitude and waiting for others.





kynam seedling 3.jpg




Due to its premium price, the anti-theft preventive measure is a bit exaggerated !!

由于其优惠的价格,防盗措施是有点夸张 !!


14 Responses to Seedling 奇楠苗

  1. Ganesh Kumar Gupta says:

    How can I get Kynam seeds or plants in India ? Please guide

  2. tshinkou says:

    no worries …i got yr email

  3. Kumar Dharmasena says:

    how can I get KAYAM to Sri lanka ? do you have a agent in my country? Do you have any watts app number to contact ?

  4. Dandy Balisi says:

    How do i get kynam plants in Philippines?

  5. Jacksen O. Tilung says:

    1 Bibit pohon Harga Berapa

  6. Abbo says:

    Where in Malaysia you located?. Do you still have grafted seedlings with you. How much is it? I want to purchase some seedlings.


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