Natural oud oil 野生沉香油

Oud oil, also known as agarwood essential oil, is without a doubt the most refined olfactory merchandise available anywhere.

Oud oil is very strong, if not, the most powerful smell in the world of perfumery. But it is usually the initial hit after application and smelling it right out of the bottle that can be overwhelming for the unexperienced nose. That is why, we strongly recommend starting off by applying very tiny amounts, and not smelling the oils directly. Over time, as your nose gets used to the smell, you will find the smell of oud an absolute delight in its entirety, from application to the dry down.

Oud oil is 100% pure and natural while commercial perfumes are about 95% synthetic material. The experience of the true Oud oil is very different from perfumes, In some religious usage, it is used to calm the mind to attain higher happiness and clarity. Even if kept unused in the bottle, Oud oil only appreciate in value. The older the Oud oil, the higher the value. It is even more valuable than gold.

However, producing high-end oud today is a thing of the past. We no longer have access to the grade of agarwood previously used in its production. That, and you could never supply such a precious material to the mass-market without manipulating the process by introducing chemical additives of all sorts. Consequently, the market for essential oud oil has become tainted by the spread of such synthetic products being sold as ‘agarwood/oud oil’, while in fact they hardly qualify.

Agarwood oil

Malaysia pure Oud oil

Finding oud oil is not difficult. Finding exceptional oud oil is a different story. The highest quality oud oil was extracted from wild trees that were left to naturally mature in unspoilt soil for decades. Even the ‘wild’ ones, there is a lot of cheating by many irresponsible traders.

Ouds all differ but one thing remains consistent amongst all the different species and that is the deep note. When trying to understand the deep note of a quality oud you have to place a drop on the back of your hand and leave it for an hour. Then after an hour you should put your nose on the back of your hand and breathe out through your nose, then take a long breathe. The smell should be continuous and take you on a journey that does not stop, it will last as long as 10 hours.

Everyone wants premium oudh, but not everyone can afford it. If you are comfortable with Thai or Combodia oudh, Malaysia oudh might not be suitable in terms of price, it is merely like accusing Rolls Royce that Jaguar has lower prices.…Commercially there is nothing left in their jungles except those plantation trees.


Price : Fresh oil … 220 USD per Tola (12ml)

                                                                     60 USD per 3ml


Price : Aged oil > 11 years ( Type of wood : Tigerwood )

… 120 USD per 3ml

( Out of stock )

Excellent Agarwood Oil contains Top,

Middle and Base notes, making it a pleasant journey to enjoy.


Source of wood  :  Malaysia Malaccensis

Distillation        :        Hydro

Warranty    :    Guarantee of quality


Delivery  :  inclusive postal charge (slow delivery)

.. for express delivery please add 25USD

WhatsApp :  00 – 6 – 012-323 1161  (Tee)


Feedback from customer about Malaysia Oud …

Top note   :  Pungent Smokey smell, animalic smell, but not existing more than 20 minutes
Med note   :  sweet smell
Base note  :  woody, sweete, very little rancid smell ( maybe because little bit more consternation of Palmitic Acid)
Longevity  :  10 hrs (in my arm)
Sillage        :  Medium  ( I think by time become more Aromatic)

25 Responses to Natural oud oil 野生沉香油

  1. Mazen says:

    I am interested to buy your wild agarwood oil
    But what kind of tree and species, shipment cost to UAE , and way of payment.

    Waiting your reply


  2. tareq says:

    can you i want buy agarwood oil, do you have shping to sudia arbia
    Waiting your reply

  3. Bander Bakhreabah says:

    I am interested to buy your Top pure wild agarwood oil 100 ml. Bottle
    But what kind of tree and species, shipment cost to Saudi Arabia- JEDDAH , and way of payment.

    Waiting your reply


  4. airbus322 says:

    can you ship to Egypt.

  5. William Wong says:

    Hi i would like to buy your 100% pure agarwood oil perfume. May I know how old is the tree? Is the oud oil deep dark in colour? Thank you.

  6. muneera says:

    am interested to buy contact me for details please

  7. Bernhard F. says:


    are you selling also?
    could you send me a list with all that you have and the prices.

  8. abdulaziz says:

    hi i would like to buy your products and i want to know do you ship to Oman. what is the shipping details and what is the payments method

  9. Phil Clark says:

    We are also interested in buying oud oil and are enquiring what grades you manufacture

  10. I would like to purchase a mini bottle of oud ( Agarwood?) oil if possible to do from the U.S. I also want to say how impressed I am by the video about the sustainable groves in Thailand; I hope this practice is catching on for other growers. Wish I could grow a sustainable grove here for my grandchildren and great grandchildren – what a beautiful tree with a glorious gift. Thank you,

  11. Nasr says:

    I hope to communicate, because I seriously purchase

  12. Richard Bond says:

    How much to ship to the USA?

  13. Mutlu korkmaz says:

    Hello oudh (agarwood) about a little information please… Which grade A+AA+AAA+AAAA ?
    To try to Quality ! 1 ml or a few drops
    Small sample.. price how much?

  14. Muhammed Ebrahim says:

    To whom it may concern
    I would like to resell your oud in South Africa and was hoping you could provide me with the different kinds you do and prices of possible

    Muhammed Ebrahim

  15. Mutlu korkmaz says:

    Please contact me with for agarwood about

  16. Mutlu korkmaz says:

    6 ml order ! please contact me with . We are speak details

  17. Cynthia says:

    I am interested to purchase some of your best oud oil, could you send me a list with all that you have and the prices

  18. We can offer 1)100% pure top grade Hui-An smell Agar wood oil
    2)good quality Agar Wood strain for extracting Hui-An smell Agar wood oil
    Tree Age 10 years old and up
    Rgds/Bill chang
    Tel 886 936 870211

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